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The two biggest mistakes of web copy

There’s two kinds of sales copy on the internet – too long and too short.

You know the too long kind – those interminable sales letters that presumably sell something to someone or there wouldn’t be so many of them around. But really… have you ever read one? All of it? Have you ever bought something from one of those? I haven’t either. (Warning – those links take a long time to load. I said they were long. Loads of pop ups , too. And no, these are NOT affiliate links.)

There isn’t enough information to make a buying decision.

And then there’s the too short kind. Take a look at just about any e-commerce site. Typically, there isn’t enough information to make a buying decision. And there’s no sales person to ask.

Are those running shoes waterproof? How do you define waterproof? What’s the insole like? Is it one of those moulded ones or not?

How loud is the fan on that computer?

How many pages are there to that e-book, and what’s the total word count?

Now, clearly I’m exaggerating for comic effect. I haven’t checked the whole of the internet to verify my claims. And clearly many sites get it right.

But a lot of people engaged in e-commerce activity seem to make the mistake of either having too much copy or not enough information. Sometimes both. Of course, getting it right is difficult. That’s where skilled writers come in.