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To boldly blog: what the Ferengi can teach us about online content

Yesterday I looked at how the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition might apply to copywriting.

And now, the conclusion… Today, let’s look at how they might apply to blogging:

Rule of Acquisition 7: Keep your ears open
You might hear something to blog about.

Rule of Acquisition 13: Anything worth doing is worth doing for money
Don’t be ashamed to put ads on your blog. It’s professional. Newspapers publish ads. Why shouldn’t you?

Rule of Acquisition 44: Never confuse wisdom with luck
If you suddenly get a huge spike in readership, it may not mean a big breakthrough in regular readers. You probably you just got stumbled, and all those hits are people spending a micro second on your page before clicking through.

Rule of Acquisition 57: Good customers are as rare as latinum — treasure them
For customers, substitute readers. Try to be nice to them.

Rule of Acquisition 59: Free advice is seldom cheap
I think this says something about the blogosphere in general. Trouble is, I’m not quite sure what.

Rule of Acquisition 82: The flimsier the product, the higher the price
E-books, anyone?

Rule of Acquisition 12: Anything worth selling is worth selling twice
Once you have enough blog posts, you turn them into a series of e-books….

Rule of Acquisition 97: Enough … is never enough
So you’ve just written a great post eh? Well, time for another.. and another.

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