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Last train to Snarksville: is your blogging voice predictable?

The use of the snarky tone of voice is very popular in blogging and online generally. Is that because readers respond well to it? I don’t think so.

People snark because its easy to do, and it has a built in self-defence mechanism. It says: “Don’t bother disagreeing, ‘cos I don’t care.”

It’s the punk rock of writing, and for that reason alone I’m willing to forgive it. To an extent. Because I’m old enough to remember the heyday of punk, and I thought it was great.

Just as punk is better than bland pop, snark is better than boring writing or lame blog posts any day.

But the problem is that most snarkers don’t sound like Johnny Rotten. They sound more like a postpunk, grown-old tribute band, apeing the sound of their heroes, but creating nothing original. Not being themselves. Pretending, believing the daydream. Copying someone else’s attitude.

What’s so punk about that?

No, snarky blogging is too easy. Too predictable, and usually not funny. Just like sarcasm.

And ultimately it will repel readers, because it becomes tiresome. The joke goes stale. And the attitude wears thin.

It’s much better in the long run to find your own tone of voice, not copy a received snarkiness.

Of course, if you don’t agree, you can always go snark me to bits in the comments (although I have the power of deletion…)