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How to have ideas – the 7 steps to creativity

Ideas are essential for any writer. But how do have ideas on a regular basis? How do you keep coming up with strong ideas in a professional environment, where they are needed every day, not just now and then?

There is no one easy answer, although there is a formula. The five step process outlined by James Webb Young in his book ‘A Technique for Producing Ideas’ is outlined in my original post on how to have ideas.

I’ve now developed two further steps, to create a ‘7 steps to creativity‘ formula, which I’ve set out in a guest post on Write to Done.

WTD is a great site for writers, so if you’ve not been there before, be sure to check it out.

My seven steps are:

  1. Gather the information
  2. Sift it
  3. Let it percolate
  4. Let the ideas flow
  5. Shape and mould the ideas
  6. Share them with others
  7. Put the feedback into the loop; and repeat the process to strengthen your ideas.

There’s more detail on the guest post. Let me know what you think, here or over there on Write To Done.

Photo: Brain scan by Reigh LeBlanc