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Marketing testimonials – how to provide proof even if you have none

I recently wrote about the importance of using case studies as a way of telling stories about a product or service. But what do you do if you have no genuine case studies or testimonials?

All is not lost.

The key thing about case studies and testimonials is that they show other people getting the benefits of using your product or service.

You can still ‘show’ that, even if you have to use some smoke and mirrors to pull it off.

1) List your customers, mention them by name, or show similar proof, such as the number of countries in the world where your product is used; the number of government departments that use your software; the percentage of top 500 companies using your service and so on.

2) Use images and photos of people using your product or service. The photo may be staged, but it creates the right impression.

3) Create a character: this is the written equivalent of using an image. Describe someone using your product or service.

4) Resort to back-story: mention facts such as how long your company has been in business, the number of products sold, the number of customers you have, even the number of products sold.

5) Imply demand: you can suggest that there is huge demand for a product and that it may be in short supply, so customers should act and buy now. At its most simplistic level, this gives the old favourite: ‘buy now while stocks last.’ It is implying that everyone else is rushing to buy, so you should too.

6) Say you’re a market leader – which directly implies that lots of other people use your product or service.

7) Use celebs: an image of one famous person using your product can be more powerful than any number of more genuine testimonials. You will, of course, need their permission, which means you’ll probably need to pay them.

8) Use reviews: if you’ve had good reviews in magazines or on websites, these can perform the same task as case studies and testimonials.

9) ‘As seen on…’: you can always simply refer to the fact your product has been featured on television or in a magazine, to show that it is well known.

Any I missed? Comments are open…

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