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One word that can transform your writing

Word of the day: audacious.

It’s not just a word to use in your writing. It’s a whole attitude to writing. Be audacious, because that way you’re more interesting. And so is your writing.

I can do no better than refer you to the thoughts of the inimitable skelliewag on the subject:

If you’re not afraid to be rejected, you keep putting your hand up. If you’re not afraid to be ignored, you keep putting yourself out there. If you’re not afraid to be criticized, you do exactly what you want…

The best thing about audacity is that it’s not a quality you either possess or you don’t. It’s not the same as beauty, or a gorgeous singing voice.

Audacity is a practice. Do audacious things, and you become audacious.

So next time you’re reading through your blog post, thinking about the next chapter of your novel, or struggling with copy for company leaflets, stop and add a little audacity just to liven things up. Don’t settle for good enough. Ask, is it audacious enough to get noticed?