Altar vs Alter – Difference between Altar and Alter

Altar and alter are homonyms which means they are similar in pronunciation but have different meanings. They are also parts of speech. The word ‘Altar’ is a noun while the word ‘alter’  is a verb. There is also a slight difference in their spellings.

Altar vs Alter

Alter is an action word or a verb that means to bring a change in any way whether small or important.

Eg: My dress is very loose. Mom, “Could you alter this?”

Altar is a noun that refers to a structure used for sacrificing. It can be in the shape of a table, a simple bed of rocks, or any other shape. Altar can also be described as an elevated structure that is used in a religious ceremony or for any ritual. In churches, the communication table is called an ‘altar’.

Altar is used in different ways, for example,

  • One should always offer a part of his meal on the altar.
  • It was sad to see the young girl on the altar.
  • He bowed before the altar not to touch wine again.

Similarly, alter is used in different ways, for example,

  • Children always need to alter their food habits to stay healthy.
  • By altering his thoughts, man can change his attitude and behavior.
  • Alcohol alters a person’s mood.

Let’s see the examples using both alter and altar:

  •  The groom’s mother decided to alter the wedding altar.
  • The priest made many alterations in his speech before facing the altar.

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