Airplane vs Aeroplane

I’ll discuss the debate over airplane vs aeroplane in this article. In order for you to see how each spelling appears in context, I will use it in at least one sample sentence.

Airplane vs Aeroplane

Also, I’ll demonstrate a memory technique that can help you remember to use airplane instead of aeroplane while writing.

Is that an aeroplane or an airplane? There are two ways to spell the singular noun “aeroplane,” which refers to a flying machine with wings and an engine.

The American spelling is airplane.

The British spelling is aeroplane.

They are interchangeable and have the same meaning in all senses. The linguistic groups that each spelling is used in differentiating them.

The words “aeroplane” and “aeroplane” both refer to the same noun. For the time being, American authors tend to favor aeroplanes while their British colleagues like aeroplanes.

A vehicle that can fly is an airplane. These vehicles range from passenger flights to those that carry freight. Often the word “airplane” is abbreviated to “plane”. A synonym that can be used as a singular or plural noun is ‘aircraft’.

  • Airplane is the singular form.
  • Airplanes are the plural form.

A tip to remember

It should be simple to remember that writers from England will likely spell the term aeroplane because it begins with the letter E, just like England.         

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